Texas State NOW is divided into various task forces by location. We currently have 5 active chapters in the state of Texas that fall under Texas NOW’s supervision:


Houston, Austin, Williamson County, Dallas, and San Antonio.


Austin NOW

We are a grassroots intersectional feminist organization in Austin, Texas. Join us to take action locally as we:

  • Protest Crisis Pregnancy Centers with Wilco (Williamson County NOW)

  • Provide period drives for the homeless

  • Register and engage voters

  • Use social media to spread information and education on intersectional feminism

  • Support Planned Parenthood clinics in the Austin area

  • Partner with intersectional feminist organizations in Austin to provide true solidarity

  • Celebrate holidays and events that support BIPoC, Immigrants, LGBTQI2S+, & Womxn

  • Contact legislators to support or oppose legislation … and more!

Meeting Details

Austin NOW meets twice a month; the second Saturday of the month and the last Saturday of the month. Due to the pandemic, we are only offering online meetings. For more dates and details, please check out our calendar or follow us on social media.

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Dallas NOW

We are grassroots feminist activists in Dallas, Texas! Come join us as we take action locally:

– Volunteer as abortion clinic escorts at regional clinics
– Observe judges in protective order court to ensure abusers are disarmed and to support survivors of violence
– Provide Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner units with items for sexual assault survivors (toiletries and clothing) so they can leave the hospital in dignity
– Contact legislators to support or oppose legislation
– Register and engage voters

Meeting Details

Dallas NOW meets the last Sunday of the month with the exception of December and dates that coincide with holidays. Please check our calendar to verify specific dates and times.

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Houston NOW

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Email: houstonareanow@gmail.com

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Williamson County NOW

We are a small grassroots task force taking actions in Williamson County Texas to help protect and expand women’s rights in our community. Our work is based on NOWs core issues: Reproductive Justice, Immigration Reform, Racial Justice, LGBTQ Rights, Voting Rights, and Constitutional Equality.

Whether we are amplifying the work of local organizations or cohosting informative seminars like What Healthy Relationships Look Like with Hope Alliance Women’s Shelter, NOW Wilco is dedicated to fighting for and preserving women’s rights.

NOW Wilco also takes action locally:
* Educating and registering high school seniors to vote
* Protesting the removal of confederate statues
* Protesting local immigration detention centers
* Contacting legislators to support or oppose legislation through postcard writing campaigns

Meeting Details

Please check our Facebook Events Calendar for upcoming meetings and events

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